darkness is a gift. the womb is a gift. the quivering ache is a gift. I used to be so afraid of the shadows lurking there. they didn’t feel good, with their firm grip on my tender veins.

they begged, see me, use me, free me, and I said no!… I am going into the sunshine, where shadows can be easily ignored in the blinding light.

but the thing about darkness is that it is half of life. it cannot be escaped, or ignored. not for long.

so one day I started to ask what they wanted to tell me. what can I learn from you here, in this cavern of earthy warmth?

and they loosened their grip, and they told me.

we bring growth, awareness, awakening. we are transformation. that is why you are afraid.

and as I sat with them, those frames of truth, in their maroon lair, I released. I felt. I saw. I gave birth to myself.