an inelegant offering

I’m finding it hard to write some words
That would do (what I think of you) justice.
It all comes out fumbled;
I can almost hear the onlookers jeering at my lack of grace.

And so you’ve done what all writers dread,
Or at least this one.
You’ve filled me with words that cannot find release.

So im just going to come out and say it.
You laugh like a hyena.
I love it.
It’s the most ridiculous sound that you never expect
And it’s so surprising every time that I cannot help but join in.
You are generous with it too, more so than actual words,
Because more often than not you just stare at me, across the table,
Daring me to say something witty, or anything,
Other than staring at you and feeling awkward
Because I mostly just want to hand you my heart and never take it back.

I’m aware this is surprising to you,
and in no way is meant to make you feel anything
other than maybe tenderness?
For a sweet hearted woman who adores you.

I would love nothing more than to serve you and your purpose here
Even if that means never stroking your back at night
Or clawing it some sunny morning
I’d be okay with that, I think.
Because you see, a woman like me was made
To pour out everything for a man like you
Just for the sake of loving.