Self Love Ideas

Happy Valentines Day Lovers!!

I am that girl who loves this day because I LOVE LOVE! Single or coupled, I adore any excuse to express my love for the people in my life! It's also a great opportunity to remember self love and to give ourselves a little extra special attention. So in that spirit, here is a list of some self love ideas for today and any other day!

 Photo Source:  Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest

♥ Take a luxurious bath! Light some candles, throw some rose quartz and essential oils in the tub (rose, jasmine, sandalwood would all be great choices) and soak up the loving vibes!
♥ Do a rose quartz/heart chakra meditation. Sit or lay with some relaxing music on in the background and hold rose quartz (or place it on your heart chakra). Let your mind relax, breathe deeply, and see what the crystal has to say to you.
♥ Take yourself on a date! I love doing this! I go to my favorite happy places - either the beach or a bookstore or a crystal shop, and just allow myself to wander and enjoy! Extra points if you buy yourself something ;)  
♥ Go on a nature walk!
♥ Set the mood in your house or room and read a book you love while enjoying your favorite tea or wine or coffee!
♥ Write a list of everything you love about yourself and accomplishments you are proud of. Be generous with your self-praise.
♥ Eat your favorite food, guilt free. Enjoy and savor every bite!!
♥ Put on some music and have a dance party! This is sure to get your blood and endorphins flowing!
♥ Do something creative like writing, painting, or collaging.
♥ Take a nap :)
♥ Do a tarot/oracle reading - use positions such as: What are my strengths? How do I shine? How can I love myself more?

What do you like to do for self love?! Please share!! And have a wonderful Love-Filled Day!