Conflict Resolution & the Tarot - Sample Spread

Hello darlings! Today I want to talk about a situation that can cause people a lot of discomfort... Conflict! Conflict is an important and inevitable part of life-- important because it allows you to understand how you view the world, how you can expand your view, how you can work with other people, learn to resolve differences, and all those other juicy interpersonal skills and dynamics. It is also inevitable because, well, no two humans are the same! We all have our own thoughts, feelings, and experiences-- and those combine together in an infinite number of possibilities on any given day. Of course we are going to disagree with people! So, how can we handle it and what does that have to do with tarot?

Recently I did a reading for a situation where two people had been bickering a lot, arguing about little stuff, and there was an underlying feeling of conflict between them. Not really knowing exactly what the point of contention was, one of them wanted to do a tarot reading to see what issues came up. Now, a disclaimer! Obviously the best way to resolve anything is to communicate with the other person about it! It does no good to come up with theories and do readings and then never discuss it. The point of seeking the tarot is to get a fresh perspective to ruminate on where each person may be emotionally, look at how you can potentially move the stagnant energy, etc. and THEN take action. I also feel it's very important to WANT a resolution and to have good intentions for everyone involved. If the two can do a reading together, even better!

So here was the spread we did. You can see that it was simple, but it revealed a lot! From left to right:

Who is Person A in this situation? - Page of Swords
Who is Person B in this situation? - 4 of Cups
How can they best work together to resolve the conflict? - Knight of Swords
What energy can the seeker embody to best serve the situation? - The Fool

The first two cards representing each person were very telling and accurate. Person A may be feeling defensive (the main issue in this case) and full of ideas yet is unwilling to hear Person B out. They can tend to say things without thinking beforehand and sometimes those things cut, just like our little Page's sword. There is also a tendency towards emotional immaturity within the relationship.

Person B is feeling emotionally stagnant and in their own world of woe-is-me. There is an abundance of good things in front of them, but they are bored with it and unsatisfied in general. They are so stuck in their head and focused on what's not working for them that they are forgetting to look at what IS working. This is also a picture of someone who is not communicating well at the moment - they are too busy sulking.

The way in which they could best work together was the Knight of Swords. In this case the meaning for the seeker was to work together towards a resolution. They needed to communicate, and swiftly.  There is also the advice in this card to not attack each other, but to move forward cohesively. Maybe shake things up, find a common cause or excitement to pursue together. To get out of their own individual head spaces and tackle the issues as a team.

As for the energy the seeker could embody to best serve themselves and the situation, the Fool came up. The message for them was to get back into a space of curiosity and adventure with regards to the relationship and the other person. Be more lighthearted, more carefree, less controlling. To drop worries and have non-attachment and no expectations, not in a negative sense but in a sense of being open and allowing both people freedom to be who  they are while working towards a resolution. The seeker really resonated with this and knew they needed to "lighten up" and enjoy life more.

Overall the reading provided a lot of clarity and enlightenment and the seeker reported back that they were able to completely change their state of being, helped them to understand the other person, and release some stagnant energy, propelling their movement forward and out of conflict.

So there you have it! I just love tarot and how it can cut to the heart of the matter and give such practical advice! I hope you enjoyed reading and give this spread a try. If you would like your own personal reading, please check out my shop. Have a beautiful day!