Juicy Gifts for the {Divine Feminine} in Your Life!

The holidays are upon us lovers! I was just sitting here thinking about all the amazing goddesses in my life, and fantasizing about what I would gift them to honor the sacred feminine in their hearts! I was going to share one thing on facebook, then I thought, why not make a whole list of products/services that I have personally used and love!! Bonus: all of these are small business owners, living their dream and spreading love in the world! I hope you enjoy!

1. Venus Rising Oracle Cards by Outi Art:
(to bypass all the rambling and see the cards, skip to 5:30 in video :))

Here is a fun little unboxing I did on these yesterday! All of Outi's oracle card sets are amazing, and this one is geared specifically toward the "wild feminine" heart. They add a beautiful, soul touching element to sacred ritual and practice.

2. Chakra Essential Oil Blends by Miracle Botanicals:

I have been using these chakra blends for over a month now and they have seriously enriched my life! They are so versatile. I have done chakra meditations, used them in cord-cutting ceremonies, used them in new/full moon rituals, and used different ones as I felt those chakras could use some support/ healing. They all smell AMAZING (and can be worn like perfume as well), are blended expertly, and are pure and free of synthetics, fillers, or pesticides.

3. Any Perfume or Beauty Product by The Pines Apothecary:

I know Ora, the creatress of these amazing products, and she is pure divine magic! She uses the best quality ingredients in her products to provide a sensually delightful experience that would honor the goddess in any woman. You will not find perfumes like these in any mall!! Her perfumes are made with essential oils and mix with each woman's body chemistry to create a scent all her own. Omggg luscious!

4. Energy Session with Andrea DiLorenzo:

What can I say about this woman? She is, to me, the true embodiment of the mystic. She guides you into your wild soul space, beyond the mind and the patterns, into the Truth. I have personally worked with her and I can tell you without a doubt that my life was changed. Whether you are going through a transition, want to step more deeply into your purpose in this life, feel stuck, want to understand and nurture your connection with men/women... this is the woman. Just recently she led me through a meditation that helped to unlock and heal YEARS of pain around my relationships!! Pure presence and love emanate from her... can you tell I recommend her services highly?! lol

5. The Book "You Look Like Something Blooming" by India Ame'ye

Every woman should own this book!! It is overflowing with delicious vignettes, poems, essays, and short gems about how to nurture the feminine essence within. It contains recipes for body care, quotes that will make her toes curl, and inspiring messages that make the heart sing. I carry this book with me everywhere I go.. it is THAT YUMMY.

Do you have other gift ideas for the lovely women in your life? Share them below... I'd love to hear!!

Love you and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!