My Daily Tarot or Oracle Spread

Hello lovers!

Daily tarot or oracle readings are great for so many things. They can help you get to know your decks / learn tarot. They can help you get an energy reading for the day. They can help you focus on what's currently true in your internal landscape. They can give advice. The list goes on! Some people pull one card a day, however, I really like to do a daily spread, which is usually three cards. The meaning for the positions changes, but lately I've been loving this one...

The positions are pretty self explanatory.. but I thought I would share a sample reading which just happens to also be my personal reading for today.

A reflection of me... (what aspect of myself is currently being expressed?) - Strength. When I look at this card I see a warrior. And not only a warrior of the external world, but also the internal. I see someone who is willing to go within and love the dark places. Who is willing to wear them as a part of her complete and integrated skin. Her greatest weapon is love, coupled with a tenacity of spirit that never quits. This is me, in this moment. I am constantly in a dance with my inner beasts. Today, I might feel tired, but I have the strength to continue on, and to do it with love.

A meaningful intention... (what intentions can I set for myself today? what actions can I take?) - 6 of Cups. Just for today, I can stay in this moment. I can stop and smell the roses. I can embrace childlike wonder and innocence. I can take moments to play. I can extend kindness to others. I can be present.

A message from Spirit... (what do my guides have to say? what advice do they offer?) - The Hermit. It's a good day to embrace that feeling of wanting to go within. I've been so busy and so "on the go". It's okay to check out, to detach. It is going to be hugely beneficial to spend time in meditation and self reflection. It's wonderful to own my truth. It doesn't have to be anyone else's truth... it just has to be mine. I don't need approval. I don't need validation. I just need the inner security of my own awareness.

Yes... this feels right on! And this isn't about the cards "telling me" what I'm feeling or should be feeling. This is about them reflecting my own condition in this now moment. It's about me getting in touch with myself. Making sense of it. Assigning meaning to it, if I choose to. Helping me see from a different perspective. This is the art of tarot.

What is your go to daily spread? Have a beautiful day darlings!