Seek the Lesson: Tarot Spread

I have a feeling a lot of us are doing some emotional / spiritual work right now, whether through external situations or internal processing. I designed this spread (for myself) to look at the lessons being offered while allowing space for self love and empowerment as well. I got some juicy wisdom out of it so I thought I would offer it up to you babes as well!

1 >> What is the main lesson for me in ____________ situation?
(feel free to pull more than one card here. I pulled two. Also if you are dealing with more than one situation, simply add another space for situation #2, 3, etc..)
2 >> How can I support myself through this lesson / growth?
(again, pick as many as feels good!)
3 >> What are my strengths right now?
4 >> Where do I go from here? How can I proceed?

Let me know if you use this spread and how it goes! If you would like me to do this (or any other spread) for you, contact me here, and I would be happy to read for you!

May you find grace in your growth!