Essential Oil Spotlight: Frankincense

Imagine a plant so powerful it has been studied in treating cancer, so holy it was gifted to baby Jesus, and so versatile it can be used for hundreds of situations. There is such an essential oil, and it is Frankincense! This is one of my top 5 favorite oils for the above reasons and many more! I have used it time and again in various applications and it never disappoints me (In fact, I go through about 1 bottle a month, I use it so much!)

Frankincense comes from the Olibanum tree and its scientific names include Boswellia carteri, boswellia seratta, and boswellia sacra. The scent notes range from woody and citrusy to smokey and earthy. The essential oil comes from the resin of the tree, making it a sustainable oil, as the trees are not harmed in the extraction process.

The therapeutic actions of this amazing oil include anti-inflammatory (tames inflammation), immunostimulant (stimulates the immune system), anti-asthmatic, tumoricidal (has been shown to kill tumors caused by cancer), and anti-depressant! This means Frankincense can be used for a wide variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual purposes. No wonder it’s considered to be a holy oil!

My favorite ways to use frankincense are:

  • In body care products, such as my homemade face serum. Simply combine 5 drops frankincense, 2 drops sandalwood, 1 drop rose, and 1 drop neroli in 1 ounce of your chosen carrier oil, and you have an amazing, skin loving, anti-aging, wrinkle reducing powerhouse!

  • As an asthma tamer / breath enhancer: Combine 3 drops frankincense with 3 drops of clary sage in a little carrier oil and rub on chest. (We do this with mild asthma and chest tightness. It works perfectly for us, however, please use common sense and don’t hesitate to use an inhaler or contact your doctor if necessary!!)

  • In meditation / yoga / spiritual practice: Frankincense is high in sesquiterpenes, which are a constituent which crosses the blood brain barrier and activates the pineal gland (or spiritual center of the brain!) >> 1 drop undiluted on the forehead and 1 on the chest helps me to tune in, focus, ground, and enhances my spiritual practice tremendously! I always have frankincense on when I am doing tarot readings!

  • In the diffuser for a calming and uplifting scent on moody days. We also diffuse with Thieves if there is illness in the house.

  • As an immune booster: 3 drops diluted on the lymph nodes and feet during illess or when feeling run down.

Do you use and love Frankincense? Share your experiences with me below!!

{You can find this oil individually, but one of the reasons I love the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living is that Frankincense is included! At $94.41 retail, it is a STEAL to get it in the kit with 10 other oils AND a diffuser!}