Why do I love Tarot?

Oh, tarot, how I love thee.. let me count the ways ;) 

What is a tarot deck really? 78 pieces of art? Decorated paper that we can shuffle and examine? On the material plane, sure... but on the spiritual and emotional plane, it is so, so much more! Tarot is a way to look into the self. It is a way to uncover the unconscious factors and motivations in our lives and situations. It can be used to heal, to advise, to point out the truth and reveal what you already know to be your deepest truth. The thing about us humans is that sometimes our truth can get buried under layers of fears, expectations, wishes, hopes, desires, illusions, and every day life. Tarot cuts through all of that. 

Tarot can also be instrumental in changing lives. How, you ask?! Tarot and oracle cards change things because consciousness changes things. We create our worlds with our thoughts, emotions, and actions.. aka our ATTENTION. Quantum physics has proven this! So when we consult the cards (and ultimately our own inner knowing and guides), we automatically have a shift in consciousness, possibilities open up, and reality can then change! 

It also activates energy. Just as feelings and situations can be healed by simply observing, noticing, and allowing,  so too can tarot aid in healing and creating change by activating the energies in a situation -- so they can be noticed and freed from the shadow. There is sometimes nothing more that needs to be done! 

The uses for tarot are many and varied. It is not just a game (though it certainly is fun!) and it is not simply used to tell the future. It can invoke deep transformation and that is always my goal with this sacred tool!